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220 Possibility Grant

The Possibility Grant, an endowment fund with the Winnipeg Foundation, is open to ICOF employers in Manitoba to pursue a dream such as starting their own business, purchasing something new, planning a special event or having a fun weekend with friends.  The grant is offered once a year and all ICOF employers are eligible to apply.

The grant recipients for the 2020 Possibility Grant are:

Murray C.

Brenda C.

Sylvia H.

Kari M.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some of the grant dreams were put on hold or were modified due to public health orders and restrictions.  Some of the grant winners have held off on receiving their funds until a later date.  Others used the grant money to pursue their original dream, while others still, changed up their dream a bit to make life a little more easy during lockdowns.
Stay tuned as we update with each of their stories. 

Sylvia's Story

Thank you for my possibility grant funds!  When Covid started, I realized how important it was for me to stay connected with family and friends.  I was missing out on Connection Live Events and other activities that would make me feel less isolated.  With the help of my support network and my resource coordinator, I requested that I use my grant funds for a new iPad, instead of my original dream.  I was so happy when the request was granted.  My main network member helped me to find the perfect iPad to meet my needs.  I got my iPad and am enjoying it.  I talk to my daughter Sarah and I talk to my other friends on messenger.  I also play games and talk to my sister-in-law.  This has been very helpful for me as I follow public health orders and remain safely at home.  Thanks again!  Sylvia H.

Brenda’s Story

The ability for us to use the grant to have Brenda go to Winnipeg was beyond beneficial!  Because of Covid, she was unable to come to Kingston, Ontario for 2 – 3 trips she usually takes…these trips allow her to have fun, relax, do some new activities, etc.  While we try to explain what Covid is, it is hard for her to understand (albeit, it is hard for any of us to understand).  A trip to Winnipeg was just what she needed!  Thanks Possibility Grant!