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We hosted our AGM in Brandon on June 4th, 2016 with over 70 people in attendance.  Wow!  What an amazing day of learning and sharing!  This year the theme was “Recipes for LIFE”.  In small groups, people shared their recipes for 5 themes:

    • Friendship
    • Community Inclusion
    • Networks
    • Staff
    • Healthy Living

Here is an example of a recipe for Friendship!

We shared a fabulous lunch of sandwiches, veggies and fruit!  Thank you to the Sobey’s on Victoria Avenue for their donation and also for all their help in coordinating our order.  The cake was also delicious and almost every last bite was gone.
After lunch, we took a few moments to rejuvenate with Jennifer Campbell leading the room with yoga!  Thank you Jennifer…it was a great start to the afternoon.  Once we were relaxed and feeling energetic, everyone created their own “Recipe for Me” – an opportunity to write down what makes their life good and fulfilling to them.  The recipes were as varied and individual as the people who wrote them.  Many of the ICOF employers shared their recipes with the group – each taking a turn to speak about what matters to them.  Wise!  Inclusive!  Enthusiastic!  Great recipes from everyone.

The day closed with the formalities of course – the AGM.  The General Membership approved the 2015/2016 audited financial statement presented by the Board Treasurer and elected one new board members. (An updated 2016/2017 Board of Directors list is available, please click here. Both Stephen Walker, Chairperson and Patti Chiappetta, Executive Director presented year end reports, reviewing all the various activities we heard about and accomplishments of the organization.

We would like to express our gratitude to our Board members for their hard work throughout the year.  Thank you to Yenny Trinh and Harry Haid for your years of contribution to LIFE.  We are sorry to see you leave the Board and express our deepest thanks to you.  Clarice Leader, is our newest Board member.  We look forward to her insight and perspective throughout the next year.

As well, many thanks to our dedicated staff for all their efforts and work in putting together the AGM.  It really does take a village to make this day a success.  Each year the staff eagerly share ideas and work together to ensure that the smallest of details gets taken care of.

In truth, the day would not be successful without the many ICOF Employers, their networks and staff who come each year.  Your attendance brings joy to the room and the connection in the room is infectious.  You are all welcoming, friendly and open to the many activities that we offer.  Thank you so very much! 

Want to share your feedback about this year’s AGM?  Have a great idea for next year’s theme?  Please email your thoughts to our office –


FAQ's about the AGM...

  • What is an AGM?
    An AGM is an Annual General Meeting (annual means it happens once a year).  An AGM is a business meeting for the members of the organization so that they can find out how well LIFE managed the business over the past year.  Every single participant of In the Company of Friends and his/her support network is a member of LIFE automatically, at no charge.  Other people in the community can become members if they are interested but they need to pay $5.00.

  • Why do we have an AGM?
    As an organization supported by the government and the community, it is a law that LIFE must have an AGM every single year.  It is the time that everyone gets together and talks about all the things that the organization has done over the year and the way in which money was spent.  An AGM is there to ensure that LIFE is accountable.  Being accountable means LIFE is being responsible to the members and letting them know that they are doing the best work that they can.

  • What happens at the AGM?
    Three things happen each year.

    First, the auditor (an accountant who has reviewed all the expenses and bank statements) presents a report to let the membership know that money is being handled correctly.

    Second, the President of the Board and the Executive Director will provide a report which outlines the things that have happened over the year.

    And lastly, there will be elections for the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors is a volunteer group of people who agree to meet regularly and make important decisions for LIFE.

“Working together, ordinary people
can perform extraordinary feats.
They can push things that come into
their hands a little higher up, a little
further on towards the heights
of excellence.”

author unknown

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