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Making the Most of LIFE 2012 Conferences

Approximately 100 ICOF employers and their supports attended LIFE’s 2012 conference ‘Making the Most of Life’, some on October 15th,  in Winnipeg, at the Viscount Gort, and others on October 20th in Brandon at the Victoria Inn. 

Although held at two locations to facilitate ease of attendance, both dates provided the same information.  The morning session was broken into two separate parts.  ICOF Support network members and staff spent the morning being educated and entertained by Bob Jones, who was our keynote speaker.  Bob talked about what “reliable support” for people with intellectual disabilities looks like in the twenty first century.  To help his audience better understand where we are in how we support individuals today, he took them through a brief history of the treatment and segregation of people with disabilities through the ages.  People came away from his session with a new view and vision on how to really work together towards creating a meaningful life for the people they support, providing opportunities and relationship, not services.

During that time, ICOF Employers worked together to share and learn about what it is to be a ‘good’ employer.  Time was spent talking about respect and how to show appreciation for those that provide daily support to them, enabling them to live full, rich lives.  Certificate of Appreciation were worked on, as well as other samples and tools to ensure the staff team know they are valued.  The sessions provided great brainstorming and sharing opportunities, as everyone had the chance to contribute and to learn from each other.   The latter part of the morning was spent working on thinking about dreams, how important they are, and creating a beautiful picture to record a couple of each individual's and keep them in view to work towards.

After lunch, everyone participated in a session to think about and then create “Dream Catchers” for themselves.  The remainder of the afternoon consisted of three 25 minute rotating sessions where groups  had the opportunity to learn more about LIFE’s ‘Journey of Discovery’ Project, and the importance of sharing our own stories,  a “Together we’re Better’ Session and a “Concept into Action’" session, all of which gave tools and ideas to help individuals and groups to move forward.

The days were closed by Crystal Leese, who did a wonderful job as our conference organizer!  Thank you to all that took the time to come out and attend!


"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."

Helen Keller