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Cultivating the Vision 2014 Conference

On May 23rd, 2014 Innovative LIFE Options hosted “Cultivating the Vision” at the Norwood Hotel in Winnipeg. We had a fantastic attendance of over 60 ICOF employers, their support staff and network members. In total 22 ICOF employers were represented!

“Cultivating the Vision” was a day focused on coming together as a team, learning, sharing, deeper thinking and visioning. The day started with a very inspiring story from Ted, a network member, as he shared about the process he and fellow network members took to create vision statements around one ICOF employer and what brought them to do so. The statements they created help guide the network and staff in providing the best supports possible and to enable the individual to live a life that matters most to them.

Everyone had an opportunity to learn about and explore their own personal values and to start thinking about their team’s top values. By doing so, teams were able to talk about what those values mean to the individual and how they are important when designing supports and making decisions.

The LIFE team walked everyone through different steps, questions and exercises to assist teams in doing some deeper thinking and taking the first steps in creating vision statements that are meaningful to their team. One of the exercises was creating a vision board based on what is important to the ICOF Employer. The room was very busy as people searched through magazines to find images that were meaningful and reflected the life and dreams of the ICOF employer.

Everyone was provided with a “Cultivating the Vision Workbook” to work through during the day and one to take home. We hope it will be shared with team members who could not join us for today and used as a guide to continue with the important steps that were taken today.  Today was just the beginning of the journey groups will take in creating team vision statements. The tools and workbook are intended to spark ideas and conversations. It was a fabulous day, thanks for spending it with us!
If you need copies of any of the materials presented, or need support as you explore creating your team’s vision statement, please speak to your Resource Coordinator!



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