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Are you an enthusiastic, responsible and community minded individual interested in supporting an individual with a disability to live a self-directed life?

In the Company of Friends (ICOF) employers are individuals who self-direct and manage their own lives each day with help from friends and family.  They live throughout Manitoba and hire Direct Support Professionals (DSP) based on their own unique needs.  The role of each DSP varies depending on the person that hires them, but roles could include:

  • Facilitating community engagement
  • Facilitating meaningful relationships with friends, family and others
  • Exploring and supporting work or volunteer opportunities
  • Supporting independence through the development of personal and household skills

To learn more about Direct Support work visit 

To submit your resume for consideration from an ICOF Employer:
Email: employment@icof-life.ca with the subject line:
Support Worker for an ICOF Employer

Your resume will then be forwarded through our office to ICOF Employers in the region.
If you are being considered for a position, you will be contacted directly by the ICOF Employer or their supporters.

Now Hiring

Direct Support Professionals 

Personal Support Worker Position. Looking for a personal support worker in Winkler area to work with a man living with a disability in his home.

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Looking for someone who is vibrant, kind, and reliable to fill a night-shift position.

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Gentleman in his 40's is looking for a support worker who can work on Wednesdays from 3:30 pm through to Thursday morning at 9am.

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Looking for a caring person who possesses effective communication skills needed for full-time employment. 


Looking for a professional, creative individual with experience to support an independent woman with a disability.


Innovative LIFE Options
4-120 Maryland Street
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Canada R3G 1L1
Ph: 204-772-3557
Toll Free: 1-866-516-5445
Fax: 204-784-4816
Email: info@icof-life.ca

Innovative LIFE Options is a non-profit organization that promotes self-directed living in Manitoba through three unique support options, In the Company of Friends, Options for Services and the Community Navigator.  We believe that support networks and supported decision making are fundamental in building a self-directed life.  Full inclusion and citizenship is the benchmark that guides our work.

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