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What is LIFE?

Innovative LIFE Options Inc. (LIFE) is a non-profit organization contracted by Manitoba Department of Families to offer resources, training, advice and guidance to each person who receives In the Company of Friends (ICOF) funding.

LIFE focuses on empowering individuals to create a lifestyle that they desire.  This is achieved through the provision of high quality resources and a stable and functioning Support Network.

Our support and resources focus on assisting in the development and successful implementation of LIFE plans for individuals who receive funding through ICOF.  We work to facilitate healthy relationships and strong networks to ensure individuals are surrounded by those who care, are committed and available to assist in the process of self-managing.

When an individual receives ICOF funding, a LIFE Resource Coordinator is assigned to work with him/her.  The role of the Resource Coordinator is to offer information, guidance and resources to help individuals self-manage and self-direct their day to day lives and to help strengthen Support Networks to successfully assist in this process.

We will be constantly updating our website with new information….so check back often!

"Innovation is fostered by information gathered from new connections; from insights gained by journeys into other disciplines or places; from active networks and fluid, open boundaries. Innovation arises from ongoing circles of exchange, where information is not just accumulated or stored, but created. Knowledge is generated anew from connections that weren't there before." 

Margaret J. Wheatley 

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