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What is OFS?

Options for Services (OFS) is a program for individuals, networks, and families who manage their own services. This includes those who access ICOF funding as well as those who access self-managed day program or respite funding.

When managing a budget and employees, there is administration involved to ensure financial and employer requirements are met. Sometimes, the administration involved with managing services can feel time consuming or complicated. OFS provides individuals, networks, and families the option of having administrative tasks completed by our knowledgeable team.

OFS creates creative, flexible, and customizable support agreements with individuals, networks, and families based on what is wanted or needed at the time. OFS is never a decision maker, rather takes direction on what, how, and when tasks are completed. OFS was intentionally designed this way to ensure that individuals, networks, and families remain in full control of managing their own services, while using our service.

OFS is available to individuals, networks, and families throughout the province on a fee for service basis. OFS works with individuals, networks, and families to design customizable administrative support agreements in the following areas:

Human Resources

    • Developing or revising hiring documentation such as job descriptions, training plans, orientation checklists, policies and procedure manuals, staff schedules, or petty cash sheets.
    • Placing ads, screening applicants, interviewing, reference checks, and coordinating training.
    • Reviewing job descriptions and completing orientation checklists with new employees.
    • Creating or revising documents such as policies and procedures, job descriptions, training plans, staff schedules, or petty cash documents.
    • Coordinating and facilitating staff meetings or training opportunities.
    • Assisting with the development or providing performance evaluations.
    • Providing mentorship to employees or supervisors.
    • Assisting employees or supervisors with goal setting and checking in to ensure continued progress.
    • Observing and providing feedback on improvements to existing systems.

Payroll and Financial Reporting

  • Assisting with set up of a business and payroll (privately or with a company.
  • Providing Mentorship regarding payroll processes or completing payroll processes.
  • Ensuring employee files and payroll information is current and up to date.
  • Assisting with the development of a financial reporting system.
  • Providing information and connection to a bookkeeper or accountant.


  • Assisting with the arrangement and documentation of medical appointments.
  • Keeping track of and ordering medical supplies.
  • Coordinating the details of a move, vacation, or other event.

OFS strives to be creative and customizable in how we assist individuals, networks, and families. OFS is open to exploring ideas outside of what is listed above.

There are a few tasks that OFS is not designed to complete. These include being an emergency on-call system, the contact person to help fill or work last minute shifts and completing tasks that are outside of our area of expertise. Rather, OFS can assist by helping to find the expertise needed.

OFS believes that by completing administrative tasks as requested, individuals, networks, and families can spend more time with one another sharing moments and creating memories, leading to more meaningful relationships.


For more information: 
Please contact:

 Michelle, Program Coordinator

 Phone: 204-772-3557 ext 3